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Más artículos de interés

12 de noviembre de 2018


A continuación, presentamos un listado de artículos que no se publicaron entre las noticias y destacados que enviamos cada semana pero que pueden ser de interés para el tratamiento de un paciente determinado, para cuando revisamos una patología o tratamiento, para mantenerse actualizados o por cualquier otra razón.

La intención es poner a disposición de los profesionales sanitarios una selección de artículos que no se han noticiado pero que pueden ser igualmente interesantes.

Los profesionales del Sistema Sanitario Público de Andalucía pueden acceder a los artículos originales disponibles a través de la Biblioteca Virtual de Andalucía.


  • Hidroclorotiazida: el uso continuo y prolongado en el tiempo podría aumentar el riesgo de cáncer cutáneo no melanocítico. AEMPS


  • Association of risk for venous thromboembolism with use of low-dose extended- and continuous-cycle combined oral contraceptives. JAMA Intern Med




  • Rare infection linked with SGLT-2 Inhibitor Use. JAMA


  • Six months versus 12 months dual antiplatelet therapy after drug-eluting stent implantation in ST-elevation myocardial infarction (DAPT-STEMI): randomised, multicentre, non-inferiority trial. BMJ


  • Bezlotoxumab (Zinplava°) and recurrence of C. difficile infection: No proven effect against serious complications, and cardiotoxicity. Prescrire English


  • Rivaroxaban in patients with heart failure, sinus rhythm, and coronary disease. NEJM


  • Effects of vitamin D supplementation on musculoskeletal health: a systematic review, meta-analysis, and trial sequential analysis. Lancet Diabet Endocrinol


  • Efficacy of low-dose amitriptyline for chronic low back pain. A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Intern Med


  • Management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes, 2018. a consensus report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Diabetes Care


  • Intracerebral haemorrhage: current approaches to acute management. Lancet


  • Pregnant women and poor sleep: medication is rarely the right solution. Prescrire English


  • Prevention of stroke: a global perspective. Lancet


  • Renal replacement therapy and conservative management. NICE



  • Effects of aspirin for primary prevention in persons with diabetes mellitus. NEJM


  • Assessment and initial management of suspected behavioural insomnia in pre-adolescent children. BMJ


  • Pregabalin and gabapentin become controlled drugs to cut deaths from misuse. BMJ


  • VX-659–Tezacaftor–Ivacaftor in patients with cystic fibrosis and one or two phe508del alleles. NEJM




  • Effect of theophylline as adjunct to inhaled corticosteroids on exacerbations in patients with COPD. JAMA


  • Association of frequency of organic food consumption with cancer risk findings from the NutriNet-Santé Prospective Cohort Study. JAMA Intern Med



  • Lyme disease. NICE


  • Haloperidol and ziprasidone for treatment of delirium in critical illness. NEJM



  • The next stage of buprenorphine care for opioid use disorder. Ann Intern Med


  • Assessment of attitudes toward deprescribing in older medicare beneficiaries in the United States. JAMA Intern Med


  • Statins and multiple noncardiovascular outcomes: umbrella review of meta-analyses of observational studies and randomized controlled trials. Ann Intern Med


  • Posible problema de pérdida de audio en determinadas bombas de insulina minimed 640g. AEMPS


  • Approach to the detection and management of chronic kidney disease. CFP-MFC



  • Association of obesity with risk of early-onset colorectal cancer among women. JAMA Oncology



  • Association of chronic kidney disease with allopurinol use in gout treatment. JAMA Intern Med


  • Oral fluoroquinolones and risk of fibromyalgia. BJCP


  • The role of pharmacists in general practice in asthma management: A pilot study. Pharmacy


  • Myeloma: diagnosis and management. NICE


  • Albiglutide and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Harmony Outcomes): a double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled trial. Lancet



  • Is there a seasonal influence on cognition and dementia? JAMA


  • Efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of herpes zoster vaccines in adults aged 50 and older: systematic review and network meta-analysis. BMJ


  • Intravenous iron in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis. NEJM



  • Association of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker use with outcomes after acute kidney injury. JAMA Intern Med


  • English Surveillance Programme for Antimicrobial Utilisation and Resistance (ESPAUR). Public health England


  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose provides no important benefit for most people with type 2 diabetes. NHS


  • Myeloma: diagnosis and management. NICE


  • Stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: a systematic review update. AHRQ


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